The Haunted Chair

A short story based on the image shown
from a prompt from Writers Unite! – February 2019

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The Haunted Chair
A Short Story by Lynn Miclea

I stood outside the house, gathering courage to go inside. I had briefly lived here over twenty years ago. When we had first bought the house, we knew someone had died in it, but we thought nothing of it. We just cleaned the place up and moved in.

Then we discovered the house was haunted. A ghost roamed the halls, and it was not friendly. It terrorized us. There were always strange noises, doors opening and closing, lights flickering, pockets of icy cold air, and the sound of footsteps.

But the worst was the chair. The chair in the living room would shake and bounce and creak. I was always terrified of it. I could still remember the day that it bounced after me and chased me across the room. The memory made me shiver.

We didn’t last long in the house, and we left after a few months, taking all our belongings but leaving that chair behind. The house never sold after that, and it remained vacant all these years.

Now I was back to see it one last time. Was it still haunted? Had we imagined it all?

I slowly entered the house. It smelled stale and musty. Gasping, I noticed the chair still there in the living room. The chair that had sparked terror in me so long ago, and it still filled me with fear now. Looking at it made my skin crawl.

The room felt cold. Goosebumps rose on my arms. I still didn’t like being here. I needed to go. As I turned to leave, I heard a thump. A lump rose in my throat. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw the chair bounce. Then it bounced again. The ghost was still here.

A shriek escaped my throat, and I bolted for the front door. As I approached the door, it slammed shut and the deadbolt engaged. I was trapped!

Panicked, my eyes wide with terror, I raced into the kitchen to the back door. That door was still unlocked. I could hear the chair loudly thumping on the floor behind me as I fiddled with the doorknob. I could barely breathe.

My hands shook so badly I could hardly turn the knob. Finally I opened the door and quickly ran out, my heart thudding heavily in my chest.

Blinking back tears, I walked around to the front of the house and glanced back at the building. A shadow crossed the front window.

I knew one thing. I would never go back to that house again. Never.



Copyright © 2019 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.



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About Lynn Miclea

LYNN MICLEA is a writer, author, editor, musician, Reiki master practitioner, and dog lover. After retiring, Lynn further pursued her passion for writing, and she is now a successful author with many books published and more on the way. She has published many books in the genres of thrillers, suspense, science fiction, paranormal, mystery, romance, grammar tips, memoirs, self-help guided imagery, and children’s stories (fun animal stories about kindness, believing in yourself, helping others, and being more than you ever thought possible). She hopes that through her writing she can help empower others, stimulate people’s imagination, and open new worlds as she entertains with powerful and heartfelt stories. Originally from New York, Lynn currently lives in southern California with her loving and supportive husband. Please visit her website at
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8 Responses to The Haunted Chair

  1. Donna Wells says:

    Woo! That was really scary in just so few words! Good job, Lynn. Donna Cox Wells, Esq.

  2. I was always scared of haunted chairs. This is taking it one step forward 😅 but lovely writing

  3. Tom says:

    I worked with a guy who bought a old house on the outskirts of Reading, Pa. He said about a month after moving in, the sink would turn itself on, doors would close, and they would hear sounds that weren’t normal. They knew a elderly woman passed away in the house, but never gave it any thought. As a family, they decided to put a extra chair at the dining room table, and a chair in the family, that was only meant for her. They would even talk to her and tell her about their day. After they started doing this, everything in the house stopped. He said once in a while, somebody at the dinner table will feel like somebody is touching their shoulder, and they’ll just ask her too take a seat, and then we’ll talk after dinner. After that, the feeling goes away. Freaky!

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Whoa!!! That’s spooky! What a scary experience – but he sure handled it well! I’m impressed! Thank you for sharing that, and thank you for the kind words.

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