New Book – Mending a Heart

2-heartNew Book – Mending a Heart

I am excited to announce that my latest book is now published and available.

The title is “Mending a Heart: A Journey Through Open-Heart Surgery.”

In 2005 I had come close to dying and ended up having emergency open-heart surgery. The experience was so powerful, on so many levels, that I felt compelled to write it down and share it in this memoir.

Slowly and silently, my strength, stamina, and energy were being diminished by a condition called aortic stenosis, due to a defect in my aortic valve.

I had been minimizing and dismissing my symptoms of profound weakness, shortness of breath, and even passing out, while my condition rapidly deteriorated.

file3021341154406[1]This is a journey of strength, determination, and self-reflection, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as I searched for the cause of what was wrong and faced open-heart surgery.

The journey was baffling, overwhelming, and terrifying – and through this gripping and powerful story, the reader is taken into my private world, experiencing the journey along with me, including fears, insights and triumphs, while I slowly healed on many levels.

To this day, I continue to wake up surprised and so very grateful to still be alive and walking on this earth. The story is powerful, dramatic, and riveting, and this book is inspirational and a true celebration of life.

Gripping and heart-felt, the story is empowering and offers many insights for those who face and deal with medical crises, and is a poignant reminder of what is truly important in our lives.

IMG_3143For ordering information – please see the book at Amazon here.

If you get a copy of the book, please leave a (hopefully good) review on Amazon – thank you so much!

I wish all of you good health, joy, and peace – and I encourage all of you to find wonder and happiness all around you each day, and joy and peace inside you as much as you can and whenever you can.

Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.

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Election Pain and Healing

costa_rica_010[1]For those who do not like the outcome of the election and who are now hurting – I reach out to you with love, compassion, and understanding. For anyone else, please do not put any hateful, negative, or critical comments here.

For those disturbed by the election results, I understand that this is not about politics or about who “won” or “lost” – this is about the loss of hope in protecting the rights of so many of us – women, minorities, LGBT, Muslims, elderly, poor, blacks, Hispanics, veterans, and so many others. And also important issues such as marriage equality, minimum wage increases, social security, Medicare, the environment, animal welfare, and so many others. So many people are understandably terrified now for their own safety and well-being. The election result is a powerful and horrifying loss.

costa_rica_012[1]So many of us feel shocked, stunned, lost, and angry. And we have every right to our feelings. In addition to not liking the results of the election, I believe that we are going through a grieving process. Allow yourself to grieve and go through the stages of shock, disbelief, anger, and depression. It is normal and healthy to feel these emotions.

And then when ready, allow yourself to heal. Allow yourself to again become strong and powerful. Any setback or bump in the road, no matter how difficult or painful, does not mean the end. Let this fuel your desire to work toward making this a better world. Please continue to stand up for what you believe in. Fight for greater human rights. Reach out and help others with support, kindness, and love. Do not give up on your dreams. Keep moving forward. Even if it takes us longer to get there than expected, we will get there.

DSC_0006[1]If you believe we should end the electoral college, feel free to sign here.

And in the meantime, we cannot change the result of the election. So there needs to be acceptance. I hope that when our new President takes office, he will be kinder and more rational than we expect. We need him to reach out to ALL of us – and I trust that there are checks and balances in place so that he cannot be a dictator and do anything he wants. So we need to at least give him a chance. And also know that it is temporary.


And for now, allow yourself to grieve – it’s okay to be upset, to freak out, to be shocked, horrified, depressed, or angry. Honor your feelings. And know that you are not alone.

And we will survive. Continue standing up for what you believe in, go for your dreams, and fight to reach your goals. You are still powerful and can do much to help improve our world. Be proud of who you are and what you believe in. Be respectful and kind to everyone around you. Stand up for people and help wherever needed. And know that each small act of kindness helps to change the world.

Even if it takes a while, love will win over hate.

Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.

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Book Specials

Book Specials

I want to let everyone know that one of my children’s e-books is currently FREE – today, Monday 10/24/16 is the last day that it is free, so I wanted to get the word out and make sure you knew.

1-wishfish-1The FREE e-book is “Wish Fish 1 – Discovering the Secret” – Two beautiful fish face the peril of large predators, fishermen in fishing boats, and other dangers. As they break through their fears and misconceptions about their own limitations, they discover a wonderful freedom and joy that comes from opening to and unleashing their own inner gifts and abilities. This is both a love story and a celebration of life, helping all of us discover that we are so much more than we ever thought we could be. Excellent book for teaching children about joy, love, life, and kindness.

Also, starting tomorrow, Tuesday 10/25/16, another of my children’s e-books is being reduced to just 99 cents for a few days – don’t miss out!

1-dog1-sammy-fireThe e-book that will be 99 cents tomorrow is “Sammy and the Fire” – this book is part of the Sammy-the-Dog series. “Sammy and the Fire” is a fun and exciting story about a sweet rescue dog named Sammy who faces his fears and discovers the true joy of helping others while rescuing friends from a fire. This sweet and funny adventure encourages and reminds us to be kind to others and to help each other.

For those who don’t know, I currently have available eight wonderful new children’s fiction books – these are sweet, loving, feel-good animal stories, fun to read, and filled with much humor. The stories are about kindness, compassion, helping others, breaking through fears, seeing the good in everyone, believing in yourself, bringing smiles and laughter to others, and discovering that you are so much more than you thought you were. These stories are recommended for ages 6-16, but the metaphors, wisdom, and meaning underneath the story lines are good for adults as well.

file000739253401For more detailed descriptions of any of my books, including links to see them or purchase them, please visit my website at

For any books that you get, if you would be so kind, please leave a review (hopefully a good one!) on Amazon – I read all my reviews personally, and I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

For more information about me, please visit my Amazon author page here.

Please also like and follow me on my Facebook author page here.

If you would be interested, please give me your e-mail address in the form below so that I can keep you notified and updated with the latest specials, deals, sales, freebies, and new books coming out.  Please know that your e-mail address will not be given to or shared with anyone at any time.  Thank you!

Thank you so much! Always follow your dreams, live with joy and passion, see the good in everyone, and be kind to each other.

Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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Overflowing Emptiness

Overflowing Emptiness

We are surrounded by emptiness, but we tend to not see it. We notice objects, but we don’t usually pay attention to the space between the objects.  We hear words, but we don’t usually pay atDSCN9703[1]tention to the silence between the words.

We read pages filled with sentences and information, but we don’t usually pay attention to the blank parts of the page, the blank parts of a canvas, the blank page on which universes can unfold. There is so much more that is not said than there is that is said.

Just as objects in the physical world appear solid but are really mostly space between atoms and even within atoms, so too the world we perceive is actually an illusion of what appears to be substantial things and events, but the real power and substance is the invisible vastness behind, around, and through all of that.

DSCN9232[1]I invite you to pay more attention to the expanse of overflowing emptiness that is between and around and through everything. Within that emptiness is an incredible expanse of overflowing fullness. It is both empty and not empty, and it is filled with life and endless possibilities.

There is so much more to our experience of life and the world than the physicality that surrounds us and which grabs our attention. And when we shift into a different space, a place where we let go of our ego and personal identity, the world opens up.

So I encourage you to honor the space between words, between breaths, between thoughts, between action and response, between sounds, between the moments that get your attention. Honor the space where you expand, where you are the Be-ing behind the thoughts, where you cease to exist, and where you are both everything and nothing.

DSCN6941[1]Honor connection, honor silence, honor simply being. Honor the incredibly amazing and astounding Be-ing who you are. Who is the one who is reading these words? Who is the presence behind your identity?

It is within this empty space between moments, where we create our world. Within this space, we choose how we perceive, interpret, and respond to everything around us. We choose what meaning we give everything.

In the expanse of overflowing emptiness, we touch endless openings, and we touch the source of our being.

DSCN7472[1]So take some moments throughout the busyness of your days, and slow down. Become aware of that never-ending space.  Notice the expansiveness and the fullness.  Feel the presence of all life, of Beingness itself.

Allow yourself to flow and expand into it, merging with a boundless sense of Love and openness.  A place from which you can discover who you are. In that space between everything, life expands and is infinite.

And in that space, honor who you are – in all your fullness and wholeness. And honor where you are – the magnificent moment of NOW in your journey. For within that space and that honoring, is where the magic and the boundless possibilities take place.

Dive into and honor the expanse of overflowing emptiness.

Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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Finding Peace Amidst Terror

Finding Peace Amidst Terror

SONY DSCThe recent heinous acts of hatred and violence are horrifying, appalling, and deeply disturbing. These horrific acts have stunned and shocked the world and hurt so many of us. How can we be so cruel to other human beings? What is happening around us?

Hatred puts up divisions and walls and is based on an us-versus-them mentality – it comes from fear, distrust, and the dehumanizing of groups of people.

The antidote is connection – reaching out to people and sharing our inner beings, discovering how alike we really are deep inside. Breaking down the barriers and sharing our humanness, and being courteous and kind with each other.

IMG_3143Discovering that we can disagree on various things and that our beliefs may differ, but we can still respect each other’s opinions and choices, give each person the space and freedom to be who they are, and treat each other with kindness and compassion.

I want to tell everyone that in the midst of all the horror and pain, please remember that there is still beauty, love, and kindness in this world. And despite those who want to hate, the true message of all religions is compassion, love, and connection.

We are all one, and we are all connected. We are here to support each other, which includes equal rights and opportunities for all people, whether we agree or disagree with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAanyone’s thoughts or beliefs. Each of us deserves the freedom to make our own choices in our lives.

In choosing how to treat someone, always be kind. Please show compassion and kindness to all you meet each day.

I send much Reiki energy, and much love, light, and healing to those souls who have recently crossed over, helping to infuse them with love and light during their transition. And I also send to those who are left behind – the family, friends and loved ones. And I also send to all those who are affected and touched by these acts of violence and hatred.

1011To all of you, I send energies of compassion, love, light, and healing. May you find comfort and peace.

Be extra gentle and loving with everyone you know. Build bridges, not walls. Break down the barriers and reach out to those in need. Find ways to promote healing, love, and connection.

May all of us now find the way to honor each other and live in peace. Wishing peace to each of you and to the entire world.

Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.



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Dream BIG!

Happy 2016 – and Dream BIG!


I invite everyone to dream – and to dream BIG!  We have an entire year within which to do whatever we want.  What would you do if you could?  If nothing held you back?

I know what I would do – heal and help people.  I want to help people feel better and get better on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Heal whatever needs to be healed, and help people live life fully and vibrantly, bringing out their own inner joy.

DSCN0758[1]Don’t let fears and doubts hold you back from your dream.  For me, I am plowing ahead despite many fears and self-doubts.  I am taking classes in Reiki.  I have recently completed Levels I and II, and I am now studying at the Master Level.  I have had my attunement for all levels, and I find myself shifting. 

My focus, intentions, sensitivities, goals, self-beliefs, perspectives on life, and view of others and of life itself – are all changing.

I embrace and am grateful for all my dreams and goals, and all the related shifts and changes that are taking place, as I move forward toward the realization of my dream of being able to heal and help people.

DSCN6836[1]Don’t let anything or anyone, especially yourself, hold you back from your dreams.  We all dream for a reason – discover where your passion takes you – and then do what it takes to get there.  We are not here to go timidly through life.  Live it out loud, with gusto, fireworks, sparkles, rainbows, sprinkles, and laughter.  Do everything you’ve ever wanted to do.

And re-discover the awe, wonder, magic, joy, and amazing vibrancy of life.

Please visit my healing energy facebook page here.

Please visit my healing energy website here.


Wishing all of you much joy, awe, wonder, and magic beyond your wildest imaginations.  Dream Big! 

And much Love to each of you.


Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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Making Love to Life

WhiteRose[1]Making Love to Life

I’ve noticed that there is a huge difference between simply going through the motions of doing something, and totally getting into whatever it is you’re doing – living it, breathing it, and being present within it.

I discovered this recently when I was playing the piano at an assisted-living facility.  There are times when I just play the notes of a song and think about what chord comes next, or sometimes my mind even wanders.

And then there are times when I am much more present and focused, when I play much more than just the notes – when I play the music behind the notes – I deeply feel and get into the emotion and meaning of the song while I am playing it.  I am then overcome by IMG_1087[1]the sound of the melody, the chord progressions, the volume changes, the rhythm variations, and the meaning of the words to the song.  I get goosebumps while I play, lose my breath, and I am brought to tears.

I fall in love with it, and I am touched and moved by it.  I become intimate with the music with my heart and soul and being.  I merge with, become one with, blend and meld into it, and feel every nuance, meaning, emotion, and power of the song.  I become the song, and I make love to the music.

It hit me that this is also a way of being present, of being fully in the moment – making
love to whatever it is that you are doing.

salmonriverfalls[1]I see this also with my blogging.  I can simply write words and talk about an idea – or I can get into it, feel it, breathe it, live it, become it, and express it from the inside.

I found the same thing when I saw clients as a hypnotherapist.  Rather than just listening to them or helping them with therapy, I fell in love with my clients, and from there, I held an open, non-judgmental, compassionate space of love and acceptance, where they could express themselves freely, flower, change, grow, and simply be.  No matter what they said, I felt overwhelming love for them, and it was magical.  My interaction with them and my therapy for them became much more powerful and effective.

Daisy_in_spring_day[1]I also often see this when doing everyday activities, such as when I play with my dogs – I am brimming over with happiness and love for my dogs.  Or when I go for a walk – I am in awe of the trees, the fresh breeze, and the feeling of my muscles moving.  Or when I do the dishes – I am thoroughly enjoying the feel of the water and the sponge and the dishes being cleaned.  Or when I fold laundry – I am completely loving the smell and feel of the fresh, warm towels as they are being folded.

Rather than just doing an activity while thinking about other things, I become totally present and love whatever that activity is, thoroughly engaged and getting pleasure and joy out of doing it in that moment.  I make love to whatever it is that I am doing.

file3581272664101[1]Of course, I don’t do this all the time with everything that I do, but when I do this, I notice a lot more joy in my life, so I am now doing it more and more.  There is a tangible and powerful difference when you infuse your life with this depth of presence, consciousness, and love.

So I invite all of you to do this – focus on what you are doing, be present with it, and make love to what you do.

Wishing each of you much joy in your life.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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