Signs from Beyond

Signs from Beyond
20140525-DSC_8864[1]The more I open to and tune into what is beyond the physical world, and the more I touch and communicate with my spirit guides, my mother who has passed on, universal energy, and God… the more I see that I am surrounded by synchronicities.  At some point, the coincidences and signs that I see are so powerful that I know they are a true message, a sign from beyond.

There are times when I wonder and doubt myself.  How much is simply my imagination, hope, trust, faith, or belief, and how much is there something really there?

DSCN9232[1]Each day, I get more and more signs, and they seem more and more obvious to me.  I see and receive signs so often now, it boggles my mind.

Listed here are some of the signs I’ve recently seen.

Numbers – I keep seeing recurrent, meaningful, repetitive numbers, such as 10:10 or 11:11 on a clock.  I see this now so consistently and so often, that it makes me laugh.  And it reminds me that there is so much more to life than what we see and touch in the physical world.  And to me, it’s a clear reminder that I am not alone.

DSCF4727[1]Feeling a touch – While I was playing the piano recently at a senior facility, I was feeling a bit out of it and scattered, unfocused, missing the notes.  I suddenly, clearly felt a tap on the top of my head, and that suddenly brought me into clear focus, helping me be present and perform well.  I absolutely knew some guide or entity or presence was helping me.  And that was one of my best performances.  Was it my mom?  She had played the piano for years, and I know she is with me when I play.

file000953835377Coins – A couple weeks ago, I had taken my dad to Denny’s for lunch, and during the lunch, I had talked to him about my mom and I told him that she was with us in the booth.  And then later, as we walked to my car in the parking lot after lunch, I saw some shiny coins on the pavement, maybe six inches behind my car.  I picked them up – there were four pennies and one dime, and they were brand new, super shiny.  Was it a message from my mom?  Was she watching over me and saying hello and letting me know that yes, she was indeed with us?

file000739253401[1]Reading – While thinking about these signs, I was in the middle of Theresa Caputo’s (the Long Island Medium) book, “You Can‘t Make This Stuff Up,” when I turned the page and found I was now in the chapter about signs.  This was definitely too much synchronicity, and it really underscored and validated my experiences and perceptions.

Chocolate – My mother loved chocolate – chocolate was her favorite thing in the whole world.  I took my dad back to Denny’s for lunch this past week, and again, I told my dad that my mom was there in the booth with us.  And then as I approached my car in the parking lot after lunch – there behind my car, maybe six inches away from the rear Chocolate Candy-1bumper, in the same place where the coins had been previously, was now a chocolate candy wrapper.  Chocolate!  It hit me hard – this was a clear sign from my mom – yes, it was from her!  I immediately felt that it was my mom letting me know that it was indeed her, that she was there with us, and that she was thanking me for taking my dad to lunch and taking such good care of him.

Signs are everywhere.  Is it possible to read too much into something and think it’s a sign when it’s not?  Yes, I’m sure that’s possible.  However, when a sign hits me powerfully in the gut and I suddenly “get” a message, I know it’s not just my imagination.  I also know that even if something is not physically tangible, it still could be very real.  So although my DSC_0045000512[1]tendency is to doubt myself, I am rising above my ego and my mind’s doubts and fears, and I embrace these signs as real.

What has meaning for us becomes real to us, and when it hits on deeper levels that feel right, that is good enough for me, and I embrace it.

When I meditate and reach out to my mom, and I see her, feel her, talk to her, hug her, and embrace her – and when I can see and hear and feel her respond and hug me back, I know it is real.  It is comforting, supportive, loving, and very real.

DSCN9606[1]Mom, thank you for being here with me, for helping me at the piano, for letting me know you’re with me when I take Dad to lunch, and for giving me signs to let me know it’s you.  I honor that, I honor you, and I thank you.  I surround you with hearts, kisses, pink light, rainbows, chocolate, and all my love.

So to all my readers – don’t dismiss the signs in your life.  What do you see that seems to have meaning or be too coincidental to be random?

Wishing you numerous and unending signs of life, love and meaning, to fill all your days and the depths of your heart.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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Fireworks.   In case not everyone thinks of this, there are a few major effects or file0001741171022consequences from fireworks, particularly the illegal ones that are set off in backyards and in neighborhood streets.

I will not even address here the possible dangers to those who are personally using the fireworks, as that is your own personal risk that you choose to take, and if you get injured, it’s none of my business.

However, three are three ways your fireworks affect those around you in your community in powerful and dangerous ways, and it is important that people are aware of these.

  1. DSC00219[1]Fire danger – especially in this area of drought, dryness, and heat here in Los Angeles, a single spark or ember landing in some dry brush or on someone’s roof could be all it takes to burn down a neighbor’s house or set off the next wildfire. Please note that many people no longer water their lawns, and the dry brush and grass can easily ignite. We certainly don’t need this very real and increased danger.
  1. Terrified dogs – please be aware that so many dogs are absolutely terrified of loud noises, particularly the pops and booms from fireworks. Many dogs run off panic-stricken, only to get lost or hit by a car. Others, like mine, shake for hours on end in absolute terror, often finding it hard to breathe.  I shut all our doors and windows Oscar-[1]and play loud music to drown it out, but we can still hear the fireworks, and they still sound so close and incredibly loud.  I also medicate her (which I would rather not do), but that just takes the edge off it, and she continues to shake and pant, frantic to find a place to hide and be safe.  It is heartbreaking to watch her suffer for hours like this.  And there are lingering effects as well – she is now also afraid to go outside for a walk, which she desperately needs to do in order to stay healthy.
  1. Combat veterans – there are numerous combat veterans living in these residential file0002047534145areas, in our own neighborhoods. Many of them saw and experienced unimaginable horrors; many are injured, have lost limbs, are paralyzed, are in wheelchairs, and/or have PTSD. These fireworks can easily and automatically trigger intense horrific memories as though those horrors are happening now, and many of these brave and courageous veterans have panic attacks.  Please have a heart and allow them to live in peace.

There are a lot of good reasons why many of these fireworks are illegal and should be stopped.  Please find some compassion within you and know that your illegal fireworks affect so many others around you – every single pop and boom could strike terror and suffering in numerous fw3others.

Please leave the fireworks to the professionals in designated areas.  Or, if you insist on setting them off anyway, please at least be courteous enough to do it at a reasonable hour, such as from 9:00-10:00 pm, on the specific holiday.  Please do not set them off all day long, for weeks before and weeks after, or after midnight.  So many people are affected by what you do, and you are disrupting and terrorizing countless innocent lives.

I hope you can realize how much what you do affects others, and I ask you to please have a 1011little compassion and common courtesy for your neighbors.

Kindness is what is most needed in this world.  The more kind, compassionate, and courteous we are to each other, the more all of our lives improve, and the better this world will be.

I am kind to you.  Will you please be kind to me and to all of our neighbors?

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.

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Healing and Peace to the World

tennessee_087[1]Our world is desperately in need of healing at this time.  We need an end to all the fighting, hatred, greed, anger, intolerance, brutality, and war.

We need to help issue in an era of tolerance, acceptance, friendship, respect, support, and compassion for all.  We need peace.

Hate does not stop hate; anger does not stop anger; murder does not stop murder; war does not stop war; intolerance does not stop intolerance.

The only thing that can help change all this and heal our world is compassion, love, and kindness.  No one is born hating.  We are born happy, curious, trusting, and liking everyone.  We are born loving – it is in our nature.

IMG_1087[1] We are later taught to hate – we are told to hate someone who is the wrong color, religion, nationality, set of beliefs, political party, clothes, size, whatever.

We need to stop the cycle.  And the way to stop that is to cease teaching intolerance and hatred to our children.  If each generation is brought up learning to love and accept others, the cycle would end.  We need to teach our children, each other, and ourselves, to love.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

SONY DSCWe are all different, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.  We are not supposed to all be the exact same, carbon copies of each other.

We need to reach out, communicate, talk to each other, get to know each other.  Learn about each other’s struggles, fears, hopes, and dreams.  Appreciate, treasure, and support each other.  Celebrate our differences, cheer for each other, and help each other.  Show compassion and kindness.  Build bridges, not walls and artillery.

And as we reach out to others and touch the humanity in each other, we then feel the connection and similarities to each other.  We then can realize and know and feel that despite all our differences, we have much more in common.  We are all human – feeling, caring, intelligent, loving.

file9481289771400[1]We cannot change the world “out there,” but we can change ourselves.

I can change me.  I can look at my thoughts, feelings, memories, hurts, and stuck places, and I can explore them, understand them, and bring healing where it’s needed.  I can acknowledge and then heal the parts of me that hate, that are intolerant, greedy, fearful, or angry.

So even if we can’t directly stop the hatred “out there,” we can stop the hatred “in here,” inside ourselves.  And if we each stop and heal the hating within ourselves, the entire world would change.

DSC_0006[1]My hope is that as so much hatred is currently so pronounced and explosive and visible, it is reaching a critical point where people are moved and will decide to make different choices.  But that is not in my control.  For me, all I can do is face and address all the parts within me that hate or that I hate, and heal those places.

We definitely need healing in this world, and I believe we are moving in that direction.

I also believe that there is a lot more good, love, gentleness, kindness, understanding, and compassion in this world than there is hatred – but that does not make the headlines or the news.

SONY DSCSo I invite each of you to look inside yourself, and be honest as to what is there.  The dark places are not something to fear or cover up, but rather places that need light so that they can heal.  I believe that is part of what we are here for – to heal those places within us.

And in so doing, we help to heal the world and bring peace.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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I Am Enough

IMG_3143I am enough.  I think about all the times when I compared myself to others, and I thought that I was inadequate, unimportant, less than, or simply not good enough.

However, the problem is in the comparing, not in my intrinsic value or worthiness.  When I compare myself to others, I devalue my own unique self, my own worth, my own power.  We are each different from each other in order to complement and help each other.  We are not supposed to be the same or be compared to each other.

I don’t need to be anyone else – and it’s actually impossible to be anyone else, as much as we might want to be.  We are not supposed to be anyone but ourselves.  I don’t have to be another Einstein or Mother Theresa.  I need to be me.  If I try to be someone else, I lose who I am, I hide my true essence, and I deprive the world of my unique gifts and individuality.

DSC_0006[1]Each of us is here for a reason.  Each of us has unique insights, perspective, and talents that we bring to this world.  And that is important – that makes the world whole.  We each hold a special and valuable piece of the puzzle to All That Is.  And therefore, each of us is important.

And I realized something else, too.  It’s okay to sometimes not feel okay.  We are not supposed to be, or are even capable of being, perfect.  We are human.  Gloriously human, with flaws and imperfections, and struggles.  And that’s actually a good thing, as we learn and grow from all of that, and it all helps us to embrace ourselves more fully.

1016I don’t need to be rich or famous or the best in anything.  I don’t need to be or do more.  I don’t need to have a perfect body or perfect hair or the perfect words.  I am okay just as I am.

We are here to discover and be more authentically who we are.  We are here to do good in this world and help each other where we are.  The world around me is my teacher.  And the place where I am, the people who I know and see – these are my tools for interacting with the world, for showing kindness and compassion, and these are the tools for my transformation to be more fully who I am.

I am enough.  Just as I am.  With all my faults and imperfections.  With my fears and doubts and struggles and humanity.  And with all my gifts, compassion, and love.  All of that is God living through me, expressing through me, and experiencing life through me.  And to allow that to best unfold, I need to simply be me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And that is enough.  My job is to discover, open to, embrace, and be who I am.  And I am discovering that that is more than I ever imagined.

If each of us looks inside and taps into the incredible depth, power, gifts, love, expansiveness, and “wow” that is within each of us… it is much more than can even be envisioned.

Each of you is more than enough.  Each of you is magnificent, beautiful, powerful, kind, loving, radiant, and boundless.  Tap into it, touch it, savor it, swim in it, allow it to explode in bubbles of laughter and joy.

I am enough.


Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.



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The Space Between

cohdranknabstrctclr1[1]The Space Between.  I have come to notice that there is a space that exists between everything – between thoughts; between thought and action; between perception and interpretation; between stimulus and response; between observation and reaction.

And in that space between everything, life expands and is infinite.

In that space, I realized that I can choose how to perceive, how to interpret, how to act, how to respond.  I can choose how I want to see and interpret an event or issue and how to respond to it.  There is an endless, boundless space wherein I can choose from among never-ending possibilities.

Globes_(2)[1]In that space, life is – it breathes and pulses and radiates.  It expands.  It is infinite.

Within that space, I am not locked in to any one perception or interpretation or response.  I can choose.  No matter what happens – whether someone cut me off in traffic, or insulted me, or dismissed my feelings, or was rude, or even was stunningly brilliant – there is a space in which I have a say.  I can be hurt, angry, offended, insulted, enraged, envious – or I can be calm, understanding, compassionate, loving.

I can choose to retaliate, get back at them, force an issue or behavior or opinion – or I can let it go, show kindness, be at peace, come from a place of love.  I can select what I want.  That space allows me to choose not just how I respond, but how I perceive and interpret it as well.

DSCN7472[1]In this space, I can even opt from which part of me I perceive and respond – from my ego, my personality, my filtered perceptions, or from a deeper, loving, expansive core.  I can determine who and how I want to be in this world, and from which part of myself I see and relate to the world around me.

And I have discovered that I can be in that space whenever I want – that space is available all the time.  So in each moment, there is a space wherein the entire world, all of life, is expansive and endless, and in which I can be.  And in which I can make a choice.

redGoldPurple[1]And that selection defines my world, my perceptions, my interpretations, my behaviors.  And therefore, my world can change in an instant if I make different choices.

Just as solid objects in the physical world are really made up of atoms which are comprised mostly of space, so too the world we perceive is actually manifested from and made mostly from the space between.

So I invite all of you to slow down, take a moment, and become aware of that never-ending space.  Notice how it expands.  Feel the power, the presence of all life, of Beingness itself.  Allow yourself to flow and expand into it, merging with a boundless sense of Love and openness.  A place from which you can determine how to see and be in the world.

file4341336852705[2]For me, this is where I touch God – the space between.  It’s in every thought, every feeling, and every act – but the source and power and determination come from the space between.  That is the source of all Life, the wellspring from which all Beingness is.

And then from that space, you are free to choose your world.  So don’t simply respond to any outside event or stimulus as usual – slip into the space between event and reaction, and really make a choice as to how you want to view things, and who and how you want to be.

The space between… touching on endless possibilities, infinite Beingness.  The option is all yours, and it always has been.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.




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Seeing God

DSCN6836[1]There are moments that change everything.  Experiences beyond the physical world.  Instances when beliefs, no matter how strong and heartfelt, suddenly break open and become real experiences, no longer simply ideas or concepts.  Suddenly, amazingly real.  It is life changing.

It often happens in a flash, as it did to me this past week.  I was not trying to do anything.  I was simply looking at my dog – or rather, looking into my dog’s eyes.  Looking to connect with my dog on a deeper soul level.  And as I gazed into his beautiful, warm, loving, honey-brown eyes, something happened.  The universe opened.  I saw, felt, and experienced a huge, vast, powerful, endless, nameless, sparkling expansion of WOW!

chip.1I could not put words to this experience – it could not be boxed and named and classified.  In fact, the only words that initially came to me were, “I’ve just seen God.”

And I also know that what I saw, felt, and experienced was only a faint shadow-sliver of what was there.  And it was the most wondrous faint shadow-sliver of WOW I’ve ever experienced.

And I cannot un-see it.  When I now look into my dog’s eyes, that’s what I see.  It somehow opened a channel for me.  It became real.

And I know that this universal life-force energy, this WOW, is powerfully flowing, expanding, pulsating, radiating energy force, is in, through, behind, and saturating  20140509-DSC_7467[1] EVERYTHING – every life form, person, animal, plant, leaf, dog, elephant, blade of grass, joyfully exploding with the experience of life through us, in us, as us… When I kiss my dog, it now feels like I am kissing God.  Because I am.

If this energy is behind, within, and through everything, then we are ALL living, breathing God, God looking out from our eyes and seeing and experiencing life as us, in our strange bodies.  Just like my dog – here is a sweet, cute fuzzy creature, with doggie-breath and floppy ears, living life as a dog, with God powerfully flowing and opening and expanding and radiating through him – but he continues to be a dog.  And at the same time, so much more than a dog.

Just like us.  We see our bodies, file791307641638[1]our hair, our fears, our filtered perceptions and interpretations of life, with God powerfully flowing and opening and expanding and radiating through us.  And we are still us.  And also so much more than us.

I know that if we look into the eyes of all creatures, any creature, this, and so much more, is what we will find and experience.

Because God IS all life.  And what we do to each other, we do to God.  How we treat each other is how we treat God.

file4341336852705[2] I am so very grateful for these moments of insight, expansion, and experience of what is beyond.

These experiences leave me with a feeling of having fallen so deeply in love.  With what?  Maybe with life itself.  With every living creature, with me, with God.

We are the same – only the outside vessel of our bodies is different – but that wondrous, amazing, powerful, loving energy – is so very present in each of us, and in all life.  And for me, this is no longer simply a concept or an idea.  It is so very real.  And that magnificent life force, that glorious presence, is beyond words.

final12[1]And when we see, feel, and experience this for real, beyond our beliefs and thoughts, those moments change everything. They saturate and color all of life with fragrant rainbow crystal waves of dazzling love and light.

I am so very grateful.  And so deeply in love.  WOW!

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.



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Music Transcends Where and Who We Are


Music Transcends Where and Who We Are

It’s funny.  Although I enjoy it, I never thought I was good enough playing the piano.  Then again, I never thought I was “good enough” at anything.

But I also realize – the problem is not in my piano playing ability, but rather in the comparison to others.  There will always be those who play better or worse than me, as with everything in life.

And actually, we each simply play differently – we each have our own unique style of playing (or of doing anything in this world).  I admire others who play with precision, who play with a jazzy flourish, who add in all the extra notes and fancy chords to fill out and embellish the sound.

file000611873863[1]I don’t play so fancy.  I play more straight forward, but I do play with feeling.  That’s something I’ve always had – playing with a lot of feeling.  Something takes over when I play, and I shift – it becomes more than just me who is playing.

So here I was this week at the assisted living memory-care facility where I have been occasionally playing the piano, and I was playing tentatively, making mistakes, feeling very nervous, and thinking that I probably sound like crap.

But a funny thing happened – while I was playing, the residents started filing into the room and taking seats.  I started hearing some of them singing along, some of them clapping, and some of them tapping their feet.  And when I was done, although part of me wondered if they would tell me I stunk and to never come back, they shared with me how beautiful and moving it was.

file1751269292712[1]So while I compare myself to others and worry about perfection, these people were touched by the music and by the feelings that it evoked in them.  And I realize how music transcends language, limitation, memory, and the physical world.  Music touches much more deeply and awakens something in both the player and in the listener.  It comes from something much more than simply us humans.  It is something beyond.

As I stood outside today in the warm sunshine, breathing in the soft, fresh air, I realized that the same essence that creates the intense blue sky, moves the soft breeze, and imbues the citrus blossoms with a heavenly scent, also moves through me and flows out as music caressing the piano.

H.file7171261764119[1]So I now put aside my fears, my struggle for perfection, and my worries about not being good enough – and I play from my heart and from the depths of my soul.  I open and allow the beyond to come through and fill the air with music.

For I know that the residents in this facility are not interested in perfection, they simply want to hear music, to be moved, and to touch what is beyond.

So I now have officially signed up to volunteer on a regular basis to play the piano at this facility.  And I offer music especially for those residents who cannot get out and who are locked inside their bodies and minds.  I reach out and bring music – which is a flowing, liquid sound of love and passion.  And I offer it as a gift from the infinite loving divinity from which it comes, from way beyond me – to the world around me, to whoever would like to listen.  I am simply a vessel, imperfect and flawed, but what flows through is a gift of pure love.

IMG_1087[1] I invite each of you to set aside your fears and whatever constricts you, and allow yourself to be truly free.  Allow the divine essence, in however it manifests, to move through you, saturate your being, radiate outwards, and explode with love to everything around you.

And don’t worry about not being good enough.  We are not here to be perfect; we are here to share and to love.

Sending each of you music, peace, and love.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.

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