Overflowing Emptiness

Overflowing Emptiness

We are surrounded by emptiness, but we tend to not see it. We notice objects, but we don’t usually pay attention to the space between the objects.  We hear words, but we don’t usually pay atDSCN9703[1]tention to the silence between the words.

We read pages filled with sentences and information, but we don’t usually pay attention to the blank parts of the page, the blank parts of a canvas, the blank page on which universes can unfold. There is so much more that is not said than there is that is said.

Just as objects in the physical world appear solid but are really mostly space between atoms and even within atoms, so too the world we perceive is actually an illusion of what appears to be substantial things and events, but the real power and substance is the invisible vastness behind, around, and through all of that.

DSCN9232[1]I invite you to pay more attention to the expanse of overflowing emptiness that is between and around and through everything. Within that emptiness is an incredible expanse of overflowing fullness. It is both empty and not empty, and it is filled with life and endless possibilities.

There is so much more to our experience of life and the world than the physicality that surrounds us and which grabs our attention. And when we shift into a different space, a place where we let go of our ego and personal identity, the world opens up.

So I encourage you to honor the space between words, between breaths, between thoughts, between action and response, between sounds, between the moments that get your attention. Honor the space where you expand, where you are the Be-ing behind the thoughts, where you cease to exist, and where you are both everything and nothing.

DSCN6941[1]Honor connection, honor silence, honor simply being. Honor the incredibly amazing and astounding Be-ing who you are. Who is the one who is reading these words? Who is the presence behind your identity?

It is within this empty space between moments, where we create our world. Within this space, we choose how we perceive, interpret, and respond to everything around us. We choose what meaning we give everything.

In the expanse of overflowing emptiness, we touch endless openings, and we touch the source of our being.

DSCN7472[1]So take some moments throughout the busyness of your days, and slow down. Become aware of that never-ending space.  Notice the expansiveness and the fullness.  Feel the presence of all life, of Beingness itself.

Allow yourself to flow and expand into it, merging with a boundless sense of Love and openness.  A place from which you can discover who you are. In that space between everything, life expands and is infinite.

And in that space, honor who you are – in all your fullness and wholeness. And honor where you are – the magnificent moment of NOW in your journey. For within that space and that honoring, is where the magic and the boundless possibilities take place.

Dive into and honor the expanse of overflowing emptiness.

Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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Finding Peace Amidst Terror

Finding Peace Amidst Terror

SONY DSCThe recent heinous acts of hatred and violence are horrifying, appalling, and deeply disturbing. These horrific acts have stunned and shocked the world and hurt so many of us. How can we be so cruel to other human beings? What is happening around us?

Hatred puts up divisions and walls and is based on an us-versus-them mentality – it comes from fear, distrust, and the dehumanizing of groups of people.

The antidote is connection – reaching out to people and sharing our inner beings, discovering how alike we really are deep inside. Breaking down the barriers and sharing our humanness, and being courteous and kind with each other.

IMG_3143Discovering that we can disagree on various things and that our beliefs may differ, but we can still respect each other’s opinions and choices, give each person the space and freedom to be who they are, and treat each other with kindness and compassion.

I want to tell everyone that in the midst of all the horror and pain, please remember that there is still beauty, love, and kindness in this world. And despite those who want to hate, the true message of all religions is compassion, love, and connection.

We are all one, and we are all connected. We are here to support each other, which includes equal rights and opportunities for all people, whether we agree or disagree with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAanyone’s thoughts or beliefs. Each of us deserves the freedom to make our own choices in our lives.

In choosing how to treat someone, always be kind. Please show compassion and kindness to all you meet each day.

I send much Reiki energy, and much love, light, and healing to those souls who have recently crossed over, helping to infuse them with love and light during their transition. And I also send to those who are left behind – the family, friends and loved ones. And I also send to all those who are affected and touched by these acts of violence and hatred.

1011To all of you, I send energies of compassion, love, light, and healing. May you find comfort and peace.

Be extra gentle and loving with everyone you know. Build bridges, not walls. Break down the barriers and reach out to those in need. Find ways to promote healing, love, and connection.

May all of us now find the way to honor each other and live in peace. Wishing peace to each of you and to the entire world.

Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.



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Dream BIG!

Happy 2016 – and Dream BIG!


I invite everyone to dream – and to dream BIG!  We have an entire year within which to do whatever we want.  What would you do if you could?  If nothing held you back?

I know what I would do – heal and help people.  I want to help people feel better and get better on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Heal whatever needs to be healed, and help people live life fully and vibrantly, bringing out their own inner joy.

DSCN0758[1]Don’t let fears and doubts hold you back from your dream.  For me, I am plowing ahead despite many fears and self-doubts.  I am taking classes in Reiki.  I have recently completed Levels I and II, and I am now studying at the Master Level.  I have had my attunement for all levels, and I find myself shifting. 

My focus, intentions, sensitivities, goals, self-beliefs, perspectives on life, and view of others and of life itself – are all changing.

I embrace and am grateful for all my dreams and goals, and all the related shifts and changes that are taking place, as I move forward toward the realization of my dream of being able to heal and help people.

DSCN6836[1]Don’t let anything or anyone, especially yourself, hold you back from your dreams.  We all dream for a reason – discover where your passion takes you – and then do what it takes to get there.  We are not here to go timidly through life.  Live it out loud, with gusto, fireworks, sparkles, rainbows, sprinkles, and laughter.  Do everything you’ve ever wanted to do.

And re-discover the awe, wonder, magic, joy, and amazing vibrancy of life.

Please visit my healing energy facebook page here.

Please visit my healing energy website here.


Wishing all of you much joy, awe, wonder, and magic beyond your wildest imaginations.  Dream Big! 

And much Love to each of you.


Copyright © 2016 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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Making Love to Life

WhiteRose[1]Making Love to Life

I’ve noticed that there is a huge difference between simply going through the motions of doing something, and totally getting into whatever it is you’re doing – living it, breathing it, and being present within it.

I discovered this recently when I was playing the piano at an assisted-living facility.  There are times when I just play the notes of a song and think about what chord comes next, or sometimes my mind even wanders.

And then there are times when I am much more present and focused, when I play much more than just the notes – when I play the music behind the notes – I deeply feel and get into the emotion and meaning of the song while I am playing it.  I am then overcome by IMG_1087[1]the sound of the melody, the chord progressions, the volume changes, the rhythm variations, and the meaning of the words to the song.  I get goosebumps while I play, lose my breath, and I am brought to tears.

I fall in love with it, and I am touched and moved by it.  I become intimate with the music with my heart and soul and being.  I merge with, become one with, blend and meld into it, and feel every nuance, meaning, emotion, and power of the song.  I become the song, and I make love to the music.

It hit me that this is also a way of being present, of being fully in the moment – making
love to whatever it is that you are doing.

salmonriverfalls[1]I see this also with my blogging.  I can simply write words and talk about an idea – or I can get into it, feel it, breathe it, live it, become it, and express it from the inside.

I found the same thing when I saw clients as a hypnotherapist.  Rather than just listening to them or helping them with therapy, I fell in love with my clients, and from there, I held an open, non-judgmental, compassionate space of love and acceptance, where they could express themselves freely, flower, change, grow, and simply be.  No matter what they said, I felt overwhelming love for them, and it was magical.  My interaction with them and my therapy for them became much more powerful and effective.

Daisy_in_spring_day[1]I also often see this when doing everyday activities, such as when I play with my dogs – I am brimming over with happiness and love for my dogs.  Or when I go for a walk – I am in awe of the trees, the fresh breeze, and the feeling of my muscles moving.  Or when I do the dishes – I am thoroughly enjoying the feel of the water and the sponge and the dishes being cleaned.  Or when I fold laundry – I am completely loving the smell and feel of the fresh, warm towels as they are being folded.

Rather than just doing an activity while thinking about other things, I become totally present and love whatever that activity is, thoroughly engaged and getting pleasure and joy out of doing it in that moment.  I make love to whatever it is that I am doing.

file3581272664101[1]Of course, I don’t do this all the time with everything that I do, but when I do this, I notice a lot more joy in my life, so I am now doing it more and more.  There is a tangible and powerful difference when you infuse your life with this depth of presence, consciousness, and love.

So I invite all of you to do this – focus on what you are doing, be present with it, and make love to what you do.

Wishing each of you much joy in your life.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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Life and the world reflect back to us our inner being, our inner truth.  And it’s very simple as to how and why.

We all tend to look around us to the outside world for confirmation of our inner beliefs – whether religious, spiritual, political, or philosophical.  We also look for confirmation of our fears, hopes, joys, and even our self-esteem.  Whatever it is that we hold within us, we look for validation.  And guess what – we find what we are looking for.

If you feel angry or victimized and want justification for that, you will find confirmation.  If you feel loving and caring and act with kindness and compassion, you will find that in the outer world.  If you believe you are worthless and have no value, you will perceive or find validation for those beliefs.  If you believe that you are strong, powerful, and magnificent, that your true nature and essence is love and consciousness, and that we are all connected, you will find evidence of that.

photo2[1]That is also why it is so easy to make a proverbial mountain out of a molehill, because it is so easy to start with a misconception, misinterpretation, or fear, and then look for proof or confirmation – and what we look for, we find.

Our thoughts are powerful – more than we realize.  They color our perceptions, build our expectations, affect our feelings, focus our energy, and they change our world.  What we think, we help to create.  Our thoughts become our beliefs and then become our reality.

And as we grow and evolve, our experiences, thoughts, and perceptions keep changing.  And so it is with others around you – so I encourage you to stay open and to make room for other interpretations and possibilities.  Allow other people’s perceptions and viewpoints and thoughts to be valid for them.  And stay fluid and open with your own.

file4981294181825[1]Keep in mind that other people’s actions and words reflect their own inner thoughts, beliefs, issues, experiences, expectations, and perceptions – it is their journey and their inner struggle, so don’t take any of it personally – their issues are with themselves, not with you.

And what you see, hear, perceive, experience, and think reflects your own inner thoughts, beliefs, struggles, fears, experiences, expectations, and perceptions.  So the outer world is a reflection of your inner world – it shows where you are and what you think and believe.  And where it is painful or difficult, it shows where you need more work.

file2231273355591[1]If your thoughts help to manifest your reality, what would you choose to think?  Choose thoughts that you would like to see in your world.  As TUT, a Note From the Universe says, “Thoughts become things.”

And please remember that although our thoughts are powerful, we are not our thoughts.  We are the being, the essence, the loving presence, the consciousness, behind the thoughts.

Allow space for that to be and for that to saturate your life and your world with love.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.

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Signs from Beyond

Signs from Beyond
20140525-DSC_8864[1]The more I open to and tune into what is beyond the physical world, and the more I touch and communicate with my spirit guides, my mother who has passed on, universal energy, and God… the more I see that I am surrounded by synchronicities.  At some point, the coincidences and signs that I see are so powerful that I know they are a true message, a sign from beyond.

There are times when I wonder and doubt myself.  How much is simply my imagination, hope, trust, faith, or belief, and how much is there something really there?

DSCN9232[1]Each day, I get more and more signs, and they seem more and more obvious to me.  I see and receive signs so often now, it boggles my mind.

Listed here are some of the signs I’ve recently seen.

Numbers – I keep seeing recurrent, meaningful, repetitive numbers, such as 10:10 or 11:11 on a clock.  I see this now so consistently and so often, that it makes me laugh.  And it reminds me that there is so much more to life than what we see and touch in the physical world.  And to me, it’s a clear reminder that I am not alone.

DSCF4727[1]Feeling a touch – While I was playing the piano recently at a senior facility, I was feeling a bit out of it and scattered, unfocused, missing the notes.  I suddenly, clearly felt a tap on the top of my head, and that suddenly brought me into clear focus, helping me be present and perform well.  I absolutely knew some guide or entity or presence was helping me.  And that was one of my best performances.  Was it my mom?  She had played the piano for years, and I know she is with me when I play.

file000953835377Coins – A couple weeks ago, I had taken my dad to Denny’s for lunch, and during the lunch, I had talked to him about my mom and I told him that she was with us in the booth.  And then later, as we walked to my car in the parking lot after lunch, I saw some shiny coins on the pavement, maybe six inches behind my car.  I picked them up – there were four pennies and one dime, and they were brand new, super shiny.  Was it a message from my mom?  Was she watching over me and saying hello and letting me know that yes, she was indeed with us?

file000739253401[1]Reading – While thinking about these signs, I was in the middle of Theresa Caputo’s (the Long Island Medium) book, “You Can‘t Make This Stuff Up,” when I turned the page and found I was now in the chapter about signs.  This was definitely too much synchronicity, and it really underscored and validated my experiences and perceptions.

Chocolate – My mother loved chocolate – chocolate was her favorite thing in the whole world.  I took my dad back to Denny’s for lunch this past week, and again, I told my dad that my mom was there in the booth with us.  And then as I approached my car in the parking lot after lunch – there behind my car, maybe six inches away from the rear Chocolate Candy-1bumper, in the same place where the coins had been previously, was now a chocolate candy wrapper.  Chocolate!  It hit me hard – this was a clear sign from my mom – yes, it was from her!  I immediately felt that it was my mom letting me know that it was indeed her, that she was there with us, and that she was thanking me for taking my dad to lunch and taking such good care of him.

Signs are everywhere.  Is it possible to read too much into something and think it’s a sign when it’s not?  Yes, I’m sure that’s possible.  However, when a sign hits me powerfully in the gut and I suddenly “get” a message, I know it’s not just my imagination.  I also know that even if something is not physically tangible, it still could be very real.  So although my DSC_0045000512[1]tendency is to doubt myself, I am rising above my ego and my mind’s doubts and fears, and I embrace these signs as real.

What has meaning for us becomes real to us, and when it hits on deeper levels that feel right, that is good enough for me, and I embrace it.

When I meditate and reach out to my mom, and I see her, feel her, talk to her, hug her, and embrace her – and when I can see and hear and feel her respond and hug me back, I know it is real.  It is comforting, supportive, loving, and very real.

DSCN9606[1]Mom, thank you for being here with me, for helping me at the piano, for letting me know you’re with me when I take Dad to lunch, and for giving me signs to let me know it’s you.  I honor that, I honor you, and I thank you.  I surround you with hearts, kisses, pink light, rainbows, chocolate, and all my love.

So to all my readers – don’t dismiss the signs in your life.  What do you see that seems to have meaning or be too coincidental to be random?

Wishing you numerous and unending signs of life, love and meaning, to fill all your days and the depths of your heart.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


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Fireworks.   In case not everyone thinks of this, there are a few major effects or file0001741171022consequences from fireworks, particularly the illegal ones that are set off in backyards and in neighborhood streets.

I will not even address here the possible dangers to those who are personally using the fireworks, as that is your own personal risk that you choose to take, and if you get injured, it’s none of my business.

However, three are three ways your fireworks affect those around you in your community in powerful and dangerous ways, and it is important that people are aware of these.

  1. DSC00219[1]Fire danger – especially in this area of drought, dryness, and heat here in Los Angeles, a single spark or ember landing in some dry brush or on someone’s roof could be all it takes to burn down a neighbor’s house or set off the next wildfire. Please note that many people no longer water their lawns, and the dry brush and grass can easily ignite. We certainly don’t need this very real and increased danger.
  1. Terrified dogs – please be aware that so many dogs are absolutely terrified of loud noises, particularly the pops and booms from fireworks. Many dogs run off panic-stricken, only to get lost or hit by a car. Others, like mine, shake for hours on end in absolute terror, often finding it hard to breathe.  I shut all our doors and windows Oscar-[1]and play loud music to drown it out, but we can still hear the fireworks, and they still sound so close and incredibly loud.  I also medicate her (which I would rather not do), but that just takes the edge off it, and she continues to shake and pant, frantic to find a place to hide and be safe.  It is heartbreaking to watch her suffer for hours like this.  And there are lingering effects as well – she is now also afraid to go outside for a walk, which she desperately needs to do in order to stay healthy.
  1. Combat veterans – there are numerous combat veterans living in these residential file0002047534145areas, in our own neighborhoods. Many of them saw and experienced unimaginable horrors; many are injured, have lost limbs, are paralyzed, are in wheelchairs, and/or have PTSD. These fireworks can easily and automatically trigger intense horrific memories as though those horrors are happening now, and many of these brave and courageous veterans have panic attacks.  Please have a heart and allow them to live in peace.

There are a lot of good reasons why many of these fireworks are illegal and should be stopped.  Please find some compassion within you and know that your illegal fireworks affect so many others around you – every single pop and boom could strike terror and suffering in numerous fw3others.

Please leave the fireworks to the professionals in designated areas.  Or, if you insist on setting them off anyway, please at least be courteous enough to do it at a reasonable hour, such as from 9:00-10:00 pm, on the specific holiday.  Please do not set them off all day long, for weeks before and weeks after, or after midnight.  So many people are affected by what you do, and you are disrupting and terrorizing countless innocent lives.

I hope you can realize how much what you do affects others, and I ask you to please have a 1011little compassion and common courtesy for your neighbors.

Kindness is what is most needed in this world.  The more kind, compassionate, and courteous we are to each other, the more all of our lives improve, and the better this world will be.

I am kind to you.  Will you please be kind to me and to all of our neighbors?

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.

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