The Right Music

A Short Story

Story based on the image shown — image is from pixabay

The Right Music

A short story by Lynn Miclea

Eleanor looked around her small apartment and sighed. Moving to a new town was difficult. Everything felt strange and awkward, and she knew it would take a while before it felt like home. She also still needed to learn her way around the area and find out where all the good stores and restaurants were.

But at least she was finally unpacked and her things were put away. She knew it would take time to meet new people and make new friends, but that was okay. After being bullied and made fun of for too many years — at home, at school, at her job, and in relationships — she had to get away and start over. Now in her early thirties, she knew she needed to make a fresh start. She desperately hoped people were nice in this town.

Memories of her previous boyfriend, a loud, controlling, and abusive bully, rushed back to her. She shuddered. It was more than she could tolerate, and she hoped all men were not like that. Even her family was loud and manipulative. It became too much, and she had to get away. That was not how she wanted to live, and she decided to make a clean break and start over somewhere new.

Of all the people she left behind, she knew she would miss her sister the most. Nostalgic memories of her sister playing the piano came back to her. She loved hearing her sister play. No matter what she played, it always sounded wonderful and made her feel happy. Thinking she could never play as well as her sister, Eleanor she didn’t even try, even though she always wished she could. Now she regretted that decision.

Maybe that’s what she should do in this new place. Take piano lessons. Maybe that would help her have a new start and possibly even meet people. She turned on her computer and searched for local piano teachers. A man named Kyle showed as an experienced piano teacher who lived just a few blocks away, and he had great reviews. She decided she would call him that week.

Nervous and unsure, she avoided calling for a few days, and then she finally picked up the phone. She had nothing to lose. She would just ask for information, that’s all. And if she tried it and it turned out that she had no talent and this didn’t work, that was fine. At least she would have tried and she would know.


Eleanor slowly approached the small, two-story, light blue house. She was glad she had finally worked up the nerve to call. He sounded warm and kind on the phone, and now she stood on his porch and rang the bell, nervous but ready for her first lesson.

When the door opened, she stifled a small gasp. She did not expect to have such a strong and instant attraction to him. She guessed him to be in his early thirties, about her age. “Hi, Eleanor?” His face filled with warmth as he smiled at her.

“Yes, you can call me Ellie.” A trickle of sweat ran down her scalp. She did not want to embarrass herself with either feeling awkward or a lack of ability. She hoped this was not a mistake.

“Come in, please. I’m Kyle. It’s nice to meet you, and I’m glad you’re here.” He led the way into the large living room, where a baby-grand piano sat at one end. “Have you played the piano before? Do you have any experience?”

She shook her head. “Not much. I played some silly duets with my sister, but that’s about it.”

“That’s a good start. First, I’m going to give you an overview of everything, and then we’ll get started.” He smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry, this will be fun and you’ll be fine, I promise. It’s just a matter of finding the right music.”


Two months went by quickly, and Eleanor was playing a few favorite pop songs and enjoying it immensely. The more she played, the easier and more comfortable it got, and she was so glad she was finally taking lessons. It felt very rewarding, and she was proud of herself.

However, she was finding it harder to focus when she was with him. Her attraction to Kyle kept getting stronger, and a burning desire in her kept building. He was patient, kind, and soft spoken, and the yearning inside her was getting harder to ignore. But she did her best to stifle those feelings and not show anything. She knew she was there only as his student, and she did not want to hurt that relationship.

Now she sat at the piano in his house, going over the latest pop song she had learned. “Oops,” she said as her finger hit a wrong note. “I’m sorry, I keep messing up.”

Kyle glanced at her. “You’re doing fine, just take your time. Let’s try again.” He pointed to the music. “Take it from here.”

She glanced at his warm brown eyes and a wave of heat moved through her. She swallowed and pushed aside her feelings. She needed to concentrate. Focusing on the music, she played it again, and one more time hit a wrong note.

“I’m sorry. I guess I’m having a hard time concentrating today.” She wished she could stop the longing that was building inside, but his gentle manner touched her like nothing else.

“It’s okay, Ellie.” His face softened and he smiled. “Don’t worry; don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve been doing great. It’s okay to have an off day. And we can discuss what else you want to play. As I’ve said, it’s a matter of finding the right music.”

“Thank you, Kyle. You’re always so nice to me.” Her eyes fell to his lips and a tingle ran through her. She quickly pulled her gaze back to his eyes, hoping he didn’t notice.

He cleared his throat. “Well, let’s call it a day for now. Just keep practicing, okay? I know you’ll be fine. You improve every week, and it’s been wonderful to watch that.” He patted her forearm, and a shiver ran up her arm and down into her center. “And in the meantime, I’m going to look for some new music for you.”

“Okay, thank you.” How could she feel this much so fast?

He walked her to the door. “So I’ll see you next week, okay?”

She nodded, hesitated, and then left the house and walked to her car.

As she drove home, Eleanor realized it was getting harder to control her feelings for him as time went on, and it briefly flashed through her mind that maybe she should not continue the lessons. But she loved being with him and she looked forward to seeing him every week. She also enjoyed the lessons and she loved playing the piano — even more than she had expected. But what she did not expect was to start falling in love with him. She wasn’t sure what to do.

Kyle’s gentle and easy-going nature touched her deeply and showed her that men could truly be kind. That’s what her heart yearned for. No one else had ever made her feel the way she felt when she was with him, and the more she saw him, the more she wanted to hold him and be in his arms.

She shook her head. She could not cross that line and make it too uncomfortable to be there. She knew she would regret messing up what they had, even if it was just piano lessons. But it was getting harder to be there and not want more.

Determined to put her feelings aside, get better on the piano, and show him how she had improved, she practiced for two hours after she got home. Then she closed her eyes and imagined his lips on hers and his hands on her body. Heat ran through her. She shook her head. She had to let that go.


One week later, her heart thudded in her chest as she approached his house. Hesitating at the door, she reminded herself he was just her teacher, and she needed to keep things professional. Then she rang the doorbell.

She listened to his footsteps approach, and the door swung open.

“Hey, Ellie, come on in. Did you have a good week?”

“Yes. I practiced and I hope I’m doing better.” She held back what her heart desperately yearned to say.

He smiled. “Good. Let’s see how you’re doing, and then I have new music to show you.”

She followed him into the living room and sat at the grand piano. Glancing at the music, she shifted slightly on the bench, and then carefully played the notes. When she was done, she turned to Kyle. “How was that?”

“Much better. That was great. You’ve definitely improved.” His face lit up with warmth that reached all the way to his eyes, and she felt a deep need stirring inside.

“Can I ask you something?” Eleanor pointed to a symbol on the sheet music. “What’s this symbol here?”

Kyle scooted next to her on the piano bench and leaned closer to see the printed music, his solid warmth pressing into her side as his finger pointed at the music, his hand covering hers. “This symbol?” he asked, his hand warm against hers.

“Yes,” she whispered, barely breathing. The touch of his hand sent an electric jolt deep into her core. She held her breath.

“It’s a rest mark,” he said softly, his warm breath rustling the hair near her ear.

“A rest mark?” She didn’t want to move or break the moment.

“Yes. A quarter rest.” He turned to her, a few inches from her face. His eyes dropped to her lips and lingered there for a few moments. Then he abruptly backed up and pulled his hand back. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I can’t charge you for today’s lesson.”

Eleanor sat up straight, worry eating at her. “What? Why not? Did I—”

Kyle held her gaze and reached for her hand. “Ellie, I can’t charge you because … I feel …” He shook his head. “I’m sorry. I know I need to be professional, but I can’t help it. I have to be honest. I’m falling in love with you.”

Eleanor gazed into his warm brown eyes. Without thinking, and unable to stop herself, she leaned toward him, her lips brushing his. His lips were incredibly soft, and she moaned and pressed her lips to his more firmly.

He moaned in response, his tongue running across her lips. Her lips parted for him, and the kiss deepened, their tongues searching and exploring, as his fingers ran through her hair.

He pulled back and looked at her. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to take advantage of you. This is not appropriate. You’re my student. I need to be professional and—”

“Hey, guess what?” she murmured. “I’m falling in love with you, too.”

“You are?” His gaze moved back to her lips and he leaned toward her, as their lips pressed into each other with urgent need, sending shivers of heat and desire through her.

Kyle pulled back, his gaze searching her face. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“You have no idea,” she whispered. “I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

“So have I,” he said, his voice husky. He leaned in, kissing her softly, taking his time, licking and nibbling on her soft lips, then he deepened the kiss.

She felt her face flush as she sat back and smiled shyly at him. “I love being with you,” she said softly.

“I feel the same.” He smiled. “Remember when I said it’s a matter of finding the right music?” Eleanor nodded and he continued. “You are the right music for me.”

Eleanor laughed softly and leaned forward, pressing her head into his chest. “You are the right music for me too.” She gently kissed his neck.

Moaning, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close as he nibbled on her earlobe and kissed the soft skin near her throat.

Feelings of love, warmth, and need rushed through her as heat filled her core. The right music, indeed.

This was turning out to be a great place to live.


Copyright © 2022 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.

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About Lynn Miclea

LYNN MICLEA is a writer, author, editor, musician, Reiki master practitioner, and dog lover. After retiring, Lynn further pursued her passion for writing, and she is now a successful author with many books published and more on the way. She has published many books in the genres of thrillers, suspense, science fiction, paranormal, mystery, romance, grammar tips, memoirs, self-help guided imagery, and children’s stories (fun animal stories about kindness, believing in yourself, helping others, and being more than you ever thought possible). She hopes that through her writing she can help empower others, stimulate people’s imagination, and open new worlds as she entertains with powerful and heartfelt stories. Originally from New York, Lynn currently lives in southern California with her loving and supportive husband. Please visit her website at
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2 Responses to The Right Music

  1. Donna Wells says:

    You are such a romantic!

    I’ll never forget your telling me about the people at the memory-care home who came to life when you played the piano. They suddenly remembered all the lyrics, and their faces lit up. Have you done a story about that? I guess the trouble with that story would be that when you stopped playing, they went back into their shells.

    Anyway, love your writing!

    Donna Cox Wells, Esq. (she/her)

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Donna, thank you so much for your kind words. And I love that you remember me telling you that – yes, that is one of my favorite memories about playing the piano there. Many of them did stay more lucid and happy afterwards, and that was nice. And there is always more scheduled music and activities for them, so they will be fine. You are so sweet to think about them and care. You are a very special person. And yes, I will need to write a story about all that. Thank you so much for all your words and thoughts – that means a lot! 🙂 ❤

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