Love Yourself!

IMG_1142So many of us struggle with learning to love ourselves.

We are so quick to put ourselves down or think that we don’t measure up. We often feel that we are not good enough or not worthy.

And then, in our despair and self-put-downs, we ask how can we learn to love ourselves?

But consider this:  What if all those fears, doubts, and insecurities were simply a thin layer hovering over us?

A layer that sits on top of us, pinning us down, weighing on us, and it is simply composed of our own negative self-thoughts. It is flimsy and fake. It is not real. It is made up of stuff we were told or imagined, whether from outside feedback or from our own self-doubts and negative self-talk. It is a layer that hides our truth and who we really are.

And realize this:  That layer is NOT who you are.IMG_3143

Don’t believe the lies, the fears, the doubts, or the insecurities. Don’t believe anything negative that others have told you. Change your self-talk to only positives.

When we break through that layer, we find that our natural state is love. We are naturally happy and love ourselves.

That top layer is an artificial cloak that is hiding our true nature. That is what is standing in our way. And it can be removed. We can break through that layer, we can remove that cloak, and we can access our true inner being of love.

herbstaster-1659701_960_720So it’s not a matter of learning to love ourselves, it’s a matter of breaking through an outer layer of untruths that we have accepted for years, which hides our true self. Rather than having to learn to love who we are, we need to bypass falsehoods and open to and access our true selves and our true inner nature which is always there.

And that is where we naturally DO love ourselves. We don’t have to learn it — it is there. We simply need to access it and remove the covering that we have allowed to get in the way.

That outer layer hides who we are with outdated negativity and untrue ideas that we have accepted. We believed it and internalized it, believing the worst about ourselves. But it is flimsy. It has no real substance. And it can dissolve and dissipate.

japanese-cherry-trees-324175_960_720The only power it has is what you have given it. And you can take that back. Take back that power. Poke holes in the cloak. Break through it, reject it, and remove it.

Go beyond that top flimsy layer and let it dissolve. Delve into who you truly are. The joy, the love, the laughter, the warmth, the brilliance, the natural and genuine love.

So it’s not learning to love yourself, it is rediscovering yourself.

Access and unleash your true inner being.

Our natural state is love. And we can be that because we ARE that.

We are love. All of us.


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About Lynn Miclea

LYNN MICLEA is a writer, author, editor, musician, Reiki master practitioner, and dog lover. After retiring, Lynn further pursued her passion for writing, and she is now a successful author with many books published and more on the way. She has published many books in the genres of thrillers, suspense, science fiction, paranormal, mystery, romance, grammar tips, memoirs, self-help guided imagery, and children’s stories (fun animal stories about kindness, believing in yourself, helping others, and being more than you ever thought possible). She hopes that through her writing she can help empower others, stimulate people’s imagination, and open new worlds as she entertains with powerful and heartfelt stories. Originally from New York, Lynn currently lives in southern California with her loving and supportive husband. Please visit her website at
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  1. Donna Wells says:

    Thank you!

    Donna Cox Wells, Esq.

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