Healing and Peace to the World

tennessee_087[1]Our world is desperately in need of healing at this time.  We need an end to all the fighting, hatred, greed, anger, intolerance, brutality, and war.

We need to help issue in an era of tolerance, acceptance, friendship, respect, support, and compassion for all.  We need peace.

Hate does not stop hate; anger does not stop anger; murder does not stop murder; war does not stop war; intolerance does not stop intolerance.

The only thing that can help change all this and heal our world is compassion, love, and kindness.  No one is born hating.  We are born happy, curious, trusting, and liking everyone.  We are born loving – it is in our nature.

IMG_1087[1] We are later taught to hate – we are told to hate someone who is the wrong color, religion, nationality, set of beliefs, political party, clothes, size, whatever.

We need to stop the cycle.  And the way to stop that is to cease teaching intolerance and hatred to our children.  If each generation is brought up learning to love and accept others, the cycle would end.  We need to teach our children, each other, and ourselves, to love.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

SONY DSCWe are all different, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.  We are not supposed to all be the exact same, carbon copies of each other.

We need to reach out, communicate, talk to each other, get to know each other.  Learn about each other’s struggles, fears, hopes, and dreams.  Appreciate, treasure, and support each other.  Celebrate our differences, cheer for each other, and help each other.  Show compassion and kindness.  Build bridges, not walls and artillery.

And as we reach out to others and touch the humanity in each other, we then feel the connection and similarities to each other.  We then can realize and know and feel that despite all our differences, we have much more in common.  We are all human – feeling, caring, intelligent, loving.

file9481289771400[1]We cannot change the world “out there,” but we can change ourselves.

I can change me.  I can look at my thoughts, feelings, memories, hurts, and stuck places, and I can explore them, understand them, and bring healing where it’s needed.  I can acknowledge and then heal the parts of me that hate, that are intolerant, greedy, fearful, or angry.

So even if we can’t directly stop the hatred “out there,” we can stop the hatred “in here,” inside ourselves.  And if we each stop and heal the hating within ourselves, the entire world would change.

DSC_0006[1]My hope is that as so much hatred is currently so pronounced and explosive and visible, it is reaching a critical point where people are moved and will decide to make different choices.  But that is not in my control.  For me, all I can do is face and address all the parts within me that hate or that I hate, and heal those places.

We definitely need healing in this world, and I believe we are moving in that direction.

I also believe that there is a lot more good, love, gentleness, kindness, understanding, and compassion in this world than there is hatred – but that does not make the headlines or the news.

SONY DSCSo I invite each of you to look inside yourself, and be honest as to what is there.  The dark places are not something to fear or cover up, but rather places that need light so that they can heal.  I believe that is part of what we are here for – to heal those places within us.

And in so doing, we help to heal the world and bring peace.

Copyright © 2015 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.



About Lynn Miclea

LYNN MICLEA grew up in New York and moved to California while in her twenties. A certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master practitioner, and EFT (tapping) practitioner, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she spent many years working in the medical field and in various offices in an administrative capacity. She is also an accomplished musician and plays the piano at various senior facilities, where her music touches those who need it the most. After retiring in 2013, Lynn discovered a passion for writing, and she has become a successful author with ten books published. Two of her books are powerful memoirs, and eight are uplifting and fun children’s animal stories about kindness, believing in yourself, seeing the best in those around you, and helping others. Lynn believes that the best thing we can do in this world is to help each other. She hopes that through her writing, she can help encourage people to show more kindness and compassion to everyone around them. She asks everyone to be kind to each other as we all share this journey through life together. Lynn currently lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two dogs. For more information - please check out her website at www.lynnmiclea.com - thank you!
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4 Responses to Healing and Peace to the World

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    Amen to that! From your lips to God’s ear, Lynn. May the change begin now! Beautiful post. So moving and so thought-provoking. If only…

  2. Kent Merritt says:

    Very well put, Lynn. If only more people thought like you do, the world would be so much better.

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