Trust Where You Are

DSC_6868[1]Trust Where You Are

I have often wondered if I am doing what I’m supposed to do, or learning what I’m supposed to learn.  Or if I’m learning and evolving fast enough.  I am not where I had planned to be, or doing what I had hoped to do when I was young – and I sometimes wonder if this is okay or if I have chosen wrong, screwed things up, or wasted my life.

Z.file8581284699371[1]What if I had made other choices? What if I had chosen a different profession? I am not that happy with what I ended up doing for a living, and I often wish I had chosen a different profession.

However, I have come to realize that whatever I did, and wherever I am, is good, it’s where I am supposed to be, and it is perfect. And I don’t think it’s just a matter of making the best out of where I ended up.

I think it’s a shift in perspective to realize that the experiences I’ve had, and the jobs I’ve had helped me learn what I needed, gave me the skill set I needed, and helped me grow into SONY DSCthe person I am today. The combination of all of that is unique to each of us, and necessary to be who we are.

And my guess is that if I had made other choices – I would end up in the same place. I would simply have been doing a different job, but I would encounter the same (or similar) difficulties, the same (or similar) people and situations, and feel the same (or similar) feelings. And I would then be wondering about taking a different path from that one.

file7691286218929[1]I believe that I am here to learn specific lessons, and to do that, I need to be exposed to certain situations and have those experiences. So no matter which profession I would have had, those situations would come up.

What really matters throughout the entire process is how I see it, perceive it, handle it, deal with it, learn from it, and grow from it. And that would have happened no matter which job I had. Which means that I would end up here anyway. And I’ve decided that here is a very good place to be, and now is a very good time to be here.

file9251246322395[1]All of that has led me to learn to trust where I am, and to trust that it has all worked out exactly as it’s supposed to. So much of what happens is not in my control. But how I see it, my attitude towards it, and what I do with it, are in my control.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t made decisions and choices or make changes, but wherever life takes me, I now trust that it’s where I need to be, and it’s for my highest good.

IMG_3424It’s difficult, if not impossible, to see the patterns and reasons and understand it all from our limited human perspective. So I am learning to simply trust.

Whether it’s a higher power, your higher self, spirit guides, angels, universal energy, life essence, All That Is, God, or however you think of it, believe it, or relate to it – whatever you believe guides you, trust it. It knows more than us, and it is here to help us, guide us, and love us.

So I offer the following to help ease that feeling of needing to know and understand everything, or wondering if you’re where you’re supposed to be or learning fast enough.

IMG_1690Trust all your experiences, that they were and are exactly what they need to be for you to be who you are today.

Trust your path for unfolding in the right way at the right time to further you along where you need to be, and for bringing you to this place today.

Trust where you are now, that this is exactly where you are supposed to be, right here, right now. Because this is where you are.

IMG_1087[1]Trust that you are learning various lessons, growing, and becoming more.

Trust that by your nature and being who you are, you are sharing your gifts with the world.

Trust that you are changing the world by your words, your actions, and your presence.

Trust that you are valuable and important in this world, and you are making a difference.

1011Trust that you are being guided. Trust your instincts, your gut, your heart, your passions, your yearnings, and your strengths. They are all unique and special and these help guide you and move you along your path.

I am certainly not doing what I had originally planned, and my life did not turn out the way I had envisioned. However, I trust that all my experiences, jobs, relationships, and difficulties are my path and my journey, and they have brought me to this present time and made me who I am at this moment. And all of that is good.

final12[1]I trust that this is exactly where I should be and what I should be doing. I don’t think the specifics are that important – whether I am a secretary, scientist, teacher, therapist,  CEO, or writer – what matters is how I treat people, the integrity I bring to the job, the honesty with which I interact with the world, the kindness and compassion that I show to others.

I may not understand it all or how it fits or why any piece is important, but I trust it all. IMG_3143And I think the key is to always do our best and be mindful of what we’re doing. So I will always do my best, whole-heartedly, with passion, wherever life takes me. And I trust whatever happens.

I trust that wherever my path takes me is perfect. And I trust that I am exactly where I should be now, and who I am at this moment.

Trust – it can be so simple, and sometimes so hard to do. I invite you to trust that where you are at this moment is absolutely perfect. And who you are at this moment is beyond magnificence.

Copyright © 2014 Lynn Miclea. All Rights Reserved.


About Lynn Miclea

LYNN MICLEA grew up in New York and moved to California while in her twenties. A certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master practitioner, and EFT (tapping) practitioner, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she spent many years working in the medical field and in various offices in an administrative capacity. She is also an accomplished musician and plays the piano at various senior facilities, where her music touches those who need it the most. After retiring in 2013, Lynn discovered a passion for writing, and she has become a successful author with ten books published. Two of her books are powerful memoirs, and eight are uplifting and fun children’s animal stories about kindness, believing in yourself, seeing the best in those around you, and helping others. Lynn believes that the best thing we can do in this world is to help each other. She hopes that through her writing, she can help encourage people to show more kindness and compassion to everyone around them. She asks everyone to be kind to each other as we all share this journey through life together. Lynn currently lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two dogs. For more information - please check out her website at - thank you!
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2 Responses to Trust Where You Are

  1. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    So true, my friend. All so true! I too have wondered about my choices and spent countless hours in the What If headspace, but like you, i’ve come to accept that right here, right now is where I’m supposed to be. It’s hard to trust sometimes. We’re all such control freaks. But our life has a blueprint…and one that we most likely aren’t privy to, so we might as well just roll with it, right? Enjoy the ride, however bumpy it becomes. Great post. ❤

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Thank you, Michele! Yes – that’s it exactly, I’ve come to realize that I have very little control over anything, so we may as well just enjoy the ride! Well said! 🙂 ❤

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