Y – Yippeee!

ad25Yippeee! – To me, even the sound of YIPPEEE is pure joy.  It is finding the fun and oh-wow happiness and exuberance in life. Giggling and laughing and being silly.  Seeing and thoroughly enjoying the fun and joy in all of life that surrounds us.

Children do this naturally – they see the world through child-like new eyes, they Y.IMG_3126[1]laugh at everything, they get silly and giggle like maniacs, and the world around them is wondrous, exciting, and fun.

Dealing with challenges in life can be serious enough.  So I invite you to put that aside for a while, and just be a silly kid.  Laugh at mistakes, and giggle at the sounds of words, especially the dirty ones!  Have a ball (snicker).

What do you find funny?  What absolutely delights you?  What makes you laugh until you can barely catch your breath?  What makes you giggle like you’re three years old?  Do more of that!

And I invite you to look through the eyes of a child – Beginner’s Mind – to see the world anew.

_MG_3830[1]What would it be like to see a tree for the first time?  A squirrel?  A flower?  Rain?  Snow?  The ocean?  Can you feel the awe and oh-wow that bubbles up?  Can you feel the joy and delight?  Does your mouth fall open with wonder?

I often play a game with myself as I drive home – pretending that I have never been there before, and that I am discovering it all for the first time.

As I drive, I gaze with wonder at the road as it curves, the glorious trees and flowering bushes, the view of the mountains, the neighborhood surrounding me.

Wow – is this where I live? What will my house look like? Who else is there? Am I married?  Do I have children or pets?  Is it a peaceful and happy home?  What do I look like?

Breathless with anticipation, I drive closer to my home, marveling at the sights, smells, sounds, and feel of the place, letting each thing that I see be as though I am seeing and discovering it for the first time. Allowing my eyes to open wide as I take in each sight.

file4121292029210[1]Approaching my door and hearing dogs barking inside, I then wonder what kind of dogs they are, what they look like, and if they are friendly.  Opening the door slowly, curious and excited, as though discovering everything inside for the first time.

Approaching and looking in a mirror, wondering what I look like – and will I like what I see?

Y.fw3[1]It is a fun game for me and gets me in the state of mind as a child, Beginner’s Mind, seeing everything for the first time.

My husband is just like me – and together, we are like two silly, goofy, crazy kids, laughing at anything and everything.

Yippeee!  Full of wonder and delight and silliness – what a fun and glorious way to experience life.

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About Lynn Miclea

LYNN MICLEA grew up in New York and moved to California while in her twenties. A certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master practitioner, and EFT (tapping) practitioner, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she spent many years working in the medical field and in various offices in an administrative capacity. She is also an accomplished musician and plays the piano at various senior facilities, where her music touches those who need it the most. After retiring in 2013, Lynn discovered a passion for writing, and she has become a successful author with ten books published. Two of her books are powerful memoirs, and eight are uplifting and fun children’s animal stories about kindness, believing in yourself, seeing the best in those around you, and helping others. Lynn believes that the best thing we can do in this world is to help each other. She hopes that through her writing, she can help encourage people to show more kindness and compassion to everyone around them. She asks everyone to be kind to each other as we all share this journey through life together. Lynn currently lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two dogs. For more information - please check out her website at www.lynnmiclea.com - thank you!
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10 Responses to Y – Yippeee!

  1. A beginner’s mind … I like that!

  2. RenataB says:

    I can totally see you saying YIPPEEE. You are so funny egging us on to laugh and giggle at even the dirty words! Your game sounds like fun and something I need to try! Isn’t it nice when you can share the same silliness and goofiness as your husband? I can just see you two like little kids giggling away–just as it should be 🙂 Great post!! ❤

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Thank you, Renata! Yes, my husband and I are such a great match that way – we are silly, giggling fools, and we are always laughing at everything, including ourselves. Thank you for your comment! 🙂 ❤

  3. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    Wow, your “see life for the first time” game sounds amazing! I’ll have to give that a try…today! I love to hear that you laugh and giggle all the time! Isn’t that fabulous? And to be so suited to find someone with your kind of humor, well, that’s just icing on the very funny cake! I love it. Thanks for lightening up my day! Yippee… 🙂

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Thank you, Michele! Yes – I actually play that “see for the first time” game a lot – it’s really fun. And I am so very grateful to have a husband who matches me with laughing – we are giggling idiots together, and I love it! Thank you for your kind comments! 🙂 ❤

      • greyzoned/angelsbark says:

        Laughter is sooo phenomenally good for the soul. Your hearts must be very full. That makes me happy to know you laugh all the time. I would love to spend a day with you and your husband: bet we’d have a riot!

      • Lynn Miclea says:

        Yes – that would be fun! And bring your dogs, too! We laugh about everything – we would have a great time! 😀

  4. saskia says:

    Great post & totally agree. Live like a child and don’t feel embarrassed by it. Enjoy every moment, show your happiness and don’t take life for granted. Reading this on my way to work has given
    a great start, yay!

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