W – Weather

ad23Weather – There is something so amazingly, deliciously exhilarating and refreshing about weather. It is cleansing, exciting, and pulsating with life. My skin tingles, my senses are heightened. I rush to the windows to look out, my eyes open wide with wonder. It makes me feel so W._DSC0074[1]ALIVE. I love all weather – rain, snow, hail, sleet, clouds, wind, thunder, and lightning.  There is something about weather that resonates deep within me.

I think the reason I love weather so much is that there is such LIFE to it – and it instantly pulls me into the NOW moment and I am FULLY PRESENT. Nothing else exists at that moment. I feel more alive and absolutely present during active (non-sunny) W.file5061340819905[1]weather than at any other time. And that is so unbelievably exhilarating.

Cold, rainy days are deliciously wonderful and refreshing and invigorating. The rain is cleansing and fresh. I love to see, hear, feel, and smell the rain – I always rush to a window to gaze out at the torrents of water.  I love watching the drops hitting the pavement, the pool, or the street. I love hearing the tapping hoof beats of rain pounding on the roof, on the cars, and on the windows, and smelling it in the air.

Lightning and thunder is felt deep in W.DSCN2959[1]my core with pounding, tremendous power, and all my senses are heightened. I love the awe that arises from my gut when seeing hail. I love the peaceful comforting beauty of soft white snow, blanketing the landscape, the cold biting into my cheeks.

Here in Southern California, the weather is truly beautiful most of the time, with warm sunny days almost every day, but I do long for more thunderous, explosive, strong, active weather. Weather that wakes me up. Weather that makes me feel ALIVE W.file8301280048237[1]and EXHILARATED and PRESENT.

There is nothing like it – and I look forward to more of that.

Do you enjoy all kinds of weather?

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About Lynn Miclea

LYNN MICLEA grew up in New York and moved to California while in her twenties. A certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master practitioner, and EFT (tapping) practitioner, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she spent many years working in the medical field and in various offices in an administrative capacity. She is also an accomplished musician and plays the piano at various senior facilities, where her music touches those who need it the most. After retiring in 2013, Lynn discovered a passion for writing, and she has become a successful author with ten books published. Two of her books are powerful memoirs, and eight are uplifting and fun children’s animal stories about kindness, believing in yourself, seeing the best in those around you, and helping others. Lynn believes that the best thing we can do in this world is to help each other. She hopes that through her writing, she can help encourage people to show more kindness and compassion to everyone around them. She asks everyone to be kind to each other as we all share this journey through life together. Lynn currently lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two dogs. For more information - please check out her website at www.lynnmiclea.com - thank you!
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13 Responses to W – Weather

  1. tericonnolly says:

    Love your expressions of the feelings weather brings to you! Beautiful.

  2. greyzoned/angelsbark says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!! You know I’m all about the storms, girlfriend! 🙂 Really nice writing. Love your descriptions of how you feel in the weathers (loved the hoof beats of the rain! and so many others)! I can actually FEEL your excitement, and I can see you running to the window, looking out in awe. Really great descriptive writing!

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Thank you, Michele – you are so kind! Yes, I sure do run to the windows and just stare out at the rain – love it! I wish we had a lot more of it here. Thank you for your comments! ❤

  3. Reading your blog on a perfect North Carolina day of sun, 74 degrees, no humidity. It is weather you wish could last until fall. I grew up in the suburbs of the Chicago area, which provided four seasons. As a gardener I am aware. Not enough rain, too much heat etc. Glad I stopped by as we get to the end of the #Challenge.

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment! I grew up in New York, and there were four seasons there. I miss that, but I do not miss shoveling snow or scraping the ice off windshields. 🙂

  4. I sleep very soundly at night when it rains. I am more motivated to write on rainy and foggy days. I feel like I ought be swimming in a warm ocean on bright sunny days. And, thunderstorms put me on edge. You’ve made me appreciate weather with your post. Thanks!
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  5. RenataB says:

    Clever W word 🙂 Personally, my favorite weather is dark and stormy and rainy. Next to that would be snow. I was never a sun kind of person so I may be one in a handful of people who basically dislike sunny days! I like them but not a fan, maybe because sun = humidity where I live which is awful. Also I find that people’s energy on sunny days is very high and frantic and I find it disturbing. Spring and Fall weather though I think are my favorites. See? I’m not all depressing!!

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Thank you, Renata. I actually agree with you – I like spring and fall the best, not too hot and not too cold. I love dark and stormy and rainy. I hate high humidity (UGH!), and I try to avoid the sun because of my skin (already damaged from the sun). Yes – I used to live back there where you are, so I do understand! And you are not at all depressing, you always bring a smile to my face! 🙂 ❤

  6. I am scared of thunder and lightning. You should see me trying to be brave when my grandkids are here. I think they know…lol Great post!

    • Lynn Miclea says:

      Cheryl, a lot of people are scared of thunder and lightning, so you are not alone. One of my dogs is scared of thunder, and she always shakes in fear and tries to hide in a closet. Thank you for your comment!

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