IMG_2233Attitude – Our attitude determines the filters through which we see the world. It changes our perceptions and thereby changes our world and what is around us. What we look for is what we find, see, feel, and experience. If we look for negatives, faults, or things that will make us angry – that is what we will find, since those are the filters we look through, the attitude and inner Being that we bring to our view of the world. If we look for the good in people, for beauty, kindness, compassion, and love – then that is what we will find.  Our attitude has a huge effect on what we look for and what we see.

Our attitude also determines what we attract. If our attitude is one of famine, scarcity, or lack – always wanting more or thinking that what we have is not enough, then that is the state in which we live and that is what we attract, a place of always wanting more. If our attitude is one of gratitude, if we are grateful for all the good in our lives, for the bounty and treasures and amazing things that we have, for all the blessings and joys and happiness and for all that is already in our lives, then that is the state in which we live – one of abundance, and that is what we attract, abundance, riches and magnificence.  That is also why affirmations, phrased in a positive way, can be effective.  Our attitude determines a lot of that and how we experience whatever we have in life.

DSCN0351[1]How do you see your world? Do you see the rain as another dreary day? Or do you see it as fresh, exciting, cleansing, fun, and alive? Notice how you see everything around you – puddles, grass, clouds, pebbles, sand, water, leaves, rocks, birds, sticks, acorns… Do you see them? Are they in your way? Do you walk by quickly and not even notice them?  Or do you see their incredible magnificence?

Our world then reflects back to us our inner Being and our attitude. What does your world look like? What is reflected back to you? What does that show you about how you view the world? So much of that is not “out there” but inside us, in how we see the world.

file2981302715509[1]Can we change our attitude? Absolutely. And the more you look for good, for beauty and kindness, for gentleness and love, the more you will find that. It can change everything around you.

That’s not saying that nothing bad will ever happen, but our attitude determines how we see it, how we perceive it, how we process it, and how we handle it. Difficulties can be viewed as obstacles or as learning experiences, as problems or as stepping stones, as endings or as transitions.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur attitude changes how we see ourselves as well. When you look at your best friend or significant other or someone you admire – do you look for and see all their faults and things you want to change? Or do you see the awesome person they truly are and all the things you love and admire about them? Do you see the amazing, beautiful, radiant Being inside them? How about when you look at yourself in the mirror – what part of yourself do you look at and see? Try looking at yourself as another person, the way you look at your best friend or significant other or someone you admire. Our attitude changes how we look, where we look, and what we see. And that changes everything.

Change your attitude, and you can change the entire world.


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About Lynn Miclea

LYNN MICLEA grew up in New York and moved to California while in her twenties. A certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master practitioner, and EFT (tapping) practitioner, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she spent many years working in the medical field and in various offices in an administrative capacity. She is also an accomplished musician and plays the piano at various senior facilities, where her music touches those who need it the most. After retiring in 2013, Lynn discovered a passion for writing, and she has become a successful author with ten books published. Two of her books are powerful memoirs, and eight are uplifting and fun children’s animal stories about kindness, believing in yourself, seeing the best in those around you, and helping others. Lynn believes that the best thing we can do in this world is to help each other. She hopes that through her writing, she can help encourage people to show more kindness and compassion to everyone around them. She asks everyone to be kind to each other as we all share this journey through life together. Lynn currently lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband and two dogs. For more information - please check out her website at - thank you!
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2 Responses to Attitude

  1. Jamie Barone says:

    Absolutely wonderful, Lynn! And your blog is simply Divine! 😉

  2. susan says:

    For me, attitude is the difference between seeing the world in black & white or color. You’ve nailed it here! Love your photos Lynn!

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